10 reasons to try Ju-Jitsu

1. Ju-jitsu is  cardiovascular exercise which promotes good overall health
2. If you are looking for a  great core workout which helps a person with overall stability and balance, Ju-Jitsu ticks all the boxes
3. Yes there are health benefits but you get value added because Ju-Jitsu teaches  important self-defense techniques that can help in your defence and may even save your life if you are caught in a situation with a physically aggressive opponent.
4. Confidence, When a person knows how to defend himself or herself physically, their confidence goes up.
5. Ju-jitsu is  very family-oriented sport. It’s a lifestyle that can be practiced by a family as a whole. If your kids do it, so can you.
6. Ju-Jitsu de-stresses. The more you know about ju-jitsu, the calmer you are under pressure, this can help alleviate the stress of day to day work and relationships.
7. Since ju-jitsu is a close contact martial art often with different  training partners, it’s a great way to make friends and socialise. And even better once you start practise you will want to bring a friend.
8. A Good diet. Ju-Jitsu romotes a healthy diet. Whether a person trains competitively or for fun, you will be encouraged to eat and live well.
9. Learning the different intricate ju-jitsu techniques will help promote problem solving, critical thinking skills and keeps the brain active.
10. Ju-Jitsu is for everybody, regardless of age, sex, or physical limitations! Based on the gentle nature of ju-jitsu, the range of people practising is enormous.

You can try on Tuesday evening in Lewes, we have classes for all ages. send us an email via the contact page or call Sensei Ray on 07582 032858


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