Lewes Self Defence

Jujitsu for Self Defence

The art of Jujitsu is geared towards improving one€’s self-defence. The martial art was actually developed in Japan as a way of combating enemies at close range, where weapons were not particularly effective. The majority of techniques used in Jujitsu are purely technical, requiring barely any strength, and can even be used to triumph over much stronger opponents.

Why is Jujitsu So Useful for Self-Defence?

It is the variety of the techniques involved which makes Jujitsu so effective. As you progress through the belts, you will learn skills in punching, kicking, joint-locking, throwing, ground-fighting and use of objects as weapons and forms of defence, giving you a comprehensive knowledge base of self-defence. As you become more skilled in the art, you will notice your confidence heightening, which will further boost your competence.


Jujitsu Compared to Other Martial Arts

If you are curious about the benefits of Jujitsu for self defence compared to other martial arts, such as Karate, you should think about the values they hold and the skills they teach.

Karate, for example, has a heavy focus on striking. ( In Jujitsu this is only one aspect of the skills known as Atemi Waza) Although you will be likely to develop stronger skills in that area, you will be left unprepared should an attacker get  you on the ground. In order to ensure you are completely prepared in self defence for any given situation, you should practise an art which has a broader benefit, such as Jujitsu or Judo


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