Martial Arts | Ju-Jitsu Classes in Lewes

Martial arts classes Lewes

The Bushido Kwai Martial Arts Club based in Lewes at the Landport Centre has Martial Arts Classes  on a Tuesday evening each week at The Landport Community Centre

This is a family friendly club and we welcome all standards whether you are a complete beginner or have been graded in any of the disciplines we teach including black belts. We teach Judo, JuJitsu and Kobudo.
Our instructor is Sensei Ray Twitchen 3rd Dan Judo, 3rd JuJitsu Shodoshei San (Master’s Degree in Martial Arts) and he has been teaching for over 30 years. He has vast experience in teaching all ages and has coached to national level.

Whether the aim is just to explore and enjoy the physical activity of judo or jujitsu in a safe, controlled setting, or to increase fitness, health, and  concentration levels  or progress to black belt, all can be assured of the very best teaching.

The culture and discipline of our martial arts club cultivates self-discipline as well as self-respect.  We provide classes for children and adults

For Children there is no better activity for building confident, fit and healthy young people in a social environment.
Concerned about bullying at school? Children can benefit hugely from martial arts, their confidence will flourish.

For adults, research shows that martial arts such as ju-jitsu have  psychological and physical health benefits, and build fitness and self confidence in adults of all ages, though recent research has shown it is of particular benefit to those aged 40-60yrs
Come along and find out for yourself what a great activity Ju-jitsu can be with Bushido Kwai martial arts classes lewes.

Tuesday evening

Children ages 4-7  at 5-6pm 

Juniors ages 7-14 at 6-7pm – JUDO

Juniors ages 7-14 at 6-7pm – JUJITSU

Adults ages 15 – 85 8-9.30pm – JUJITSU
Land port Community Centre, Lewes BN7 2SU

Sensei Ray Twitchen 07582 032858


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