Lewes Martial Arts | Martial Arts over 40? | Why practise Ju-Jitsu?

Martial Arts are a great way to achieve your personal goals, get fit, learn new skills, live healthy, manage your stress, and lift your self-esteem and confidence.

A common misconception is that you have to be certain age to start training. Its just not true, At our club we have kids of 5 and Adults in the Mid 50s and late 70s. Its not just for men either. Ju-Jitsu has the highest proportion of women practitioners at 40% of all Martial Arts.

The great thing about Martial Arts is that you can start at any age, whether male or female and still be able to achieve levels of grading or results, if you are after it. You don’t have to have any physical predispositions, like in some other sports.

Training will of course make your body stronger, faster, and more coordinated. You will gain better balance, sharper mind, become more focused and have faster reactions.
Ju-Jitsu is an all round Martial art, using locks, kicks, throws, and ground work

While practicing it is important to keep your focus at all times, so not only you are exercising your body but your mind is exercising too. This is important and many enjoy Ju-jitsu because it is a way to unplug, at the point of making a throw, or defending yourself against an attack, you let go of all other thoughts as mind, body and senses combine.

Developing your martial art skills will give you more confidence in yourself and your abilities. You will be pushing yourself to the limits, you will learn a lot, you will be setting new goals, and when you achieve them, your self-esteem will grow.

A great thing about Ju-Jitsu is that you don’t stop learning; there is always a new move, a new combination, a new lock or kick. Even when you become very good at one martial art, there will be another one waiting for you to master.

Martial arts are a healthy way of living a life; physically and mentally.


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