Lewes martial arts| Lewes Jujitsu | whats it all about?

Tuesday evenings – Landport Community Centre, Lewes.
Much is made these days of martial arts contributing to keeping fit, building confidence and learning control, both for adults and children. The difference with Ju-Jitsu is that it is also an entirely practical form of self defence and one of the most complete martial arts there is. It incorporates unarmed strikes, joint locks, chokes and throws and its style is one that levels the playing field for those who might be smaller, lighter, or less strong than an aggressor.
The word Ju-Jitsu is traditionally formed from two ideograms Ju the various meanings of which are suppleness, flexibility, pliancy, gentleness and Jitsu meaning technique or art.
So Ju Jitsu means the art of suppleness or flexibility. The Suppleness and Gentleness being conveyed in ‘Ju’ is that Ju Jitsu does not use strength against strength, it turns the aggressors strength and force of attack as a weapon against them, thus enabling a stronger or bigger attacker to be subdued.
In addition to the so called empty hand techniques Lewes Ju-Jitsu/ Bushido Kwai Dojo offers training in Kobudo with understanding how to improvise everyday objects to become tools to help in self defence.. Kobudo, includes the Tonfa (side handled stick), Bo (long staff 6 ft), Jo (mid length staff – 4ft), Hanbo (3ft stick).
Ju-Jitsu is among the most effective and efficient martial arts. It is one of the most ancient martial arts, dating back over 2500 years.
Ju-Jitsu is a “Mother art” in that it forms the basis for many of the more modern arts, including Judo, Aikido and some Karate styles. A student proficient in the art of Ju-Jitsu has studied techniques that are a combination of Judo (throws and leverage), Aikido (nerve points and attackers momentum), Karate (striking and kicking), and other unique martial art techniques. A student practised in the art of Ju-Jitsu who has taken on our philosophy and psychology will be confident enough to avoid conflict, but skilled enough to defend themselves should the need arise.
We have separate classes for children from 5-7 at 5pm, Juniors from 8-15 at 6pm and Adults at 8pm on Tuesday evenings in Lewes.


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