Martial Arts Lewes | Traditional Ju-Jitsu


The best way to prevent an attack from occurring in the first place, to stop yourself being involved in a physical conflict, is to learn how to avoid it. That way, there is no chance you’ll sustain any injury at all. And it’s not hard to do. It’s far, far easier than physical defense.

Self defense is not always what you imagine The aim of any form of self defense, isn’t to beat up or take out an attacker with martial arts moves.

The aim of self defense is to prevent injury to yourself. Lets be honest most of the time, in fact the vast majority of the time, avoidance is the way forward.

For an aggressor to get you s/he need intent, means, and opportunity. Self defence is about taking at least one of these away. The easiest way is avoidance as this denys any opportunity to attack and the intent if the aggression is all about you. So avoid dangerous places and if you can’t stay clear of an aggressor, the next best thing is to make yourself a ‘bad target’

Staying aware of your surroundings, paying attention to warning signs, and noticing pre-attack indicators, you can spot a predator and deny him the close distance he needs to attack you by using space and/or objects in your environment. And even if you are approached by a predator, you can de-escalate the situation and avoid physical violence using a variety of measures.

If you’ve taken the steps above, it’s highly unlikely it will go that far. But even when an aggressive attacker has the intent and opportunity to attack, we can take away the means or ability through physical self defense.

Where Do Martial Arts & Lewes Ju-Jitsu fit in?

So you may have to physically defend yourself.this is the  worst case scenario. Real violence is fast,  chaotic, and ugly. It’s not something you really  want to be involved in for mostly ethical and legal reasons and it hurts. Many martial arts will not prepare you for it, but Ju-Jitsu is different in that it gives you the confidence to avoid and the ability to defend.

Iff you have resort to physical self defense, a stylized martial art, that functions only on one level, kicking, punching or ground work alone may not be of much help. You’ll probably be at a disadvantage, attacked by bigger and stronger people, perhaps multiple opponents, or even armed aggressors. What you’ll need is a functional martial art with a combination of different techniques to back you up and to be any good you will need to have had a significant amount of solid training, and to be honest some luck.

What about defence against sticks and knives, Ju-Jitsu offers this and at Lewes Martial Arts | Bushido Kwai dojo we teach you Kobudi which gives you an understanding of the use of weapons and everyday objects in defence.

Because prevention is easy to learn, it should be your primary focus in self defense. Real physical defense is challenging.

Physical training and martial arts, even if you never have to use them, are great for both physical and mental health, and a great deal of fun. If you’re going to train, you might as well train functionally. So train  in Ju-Jitsu and Koaudo with Bushido Kwai Dojo.


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