Jujitsu – more than just self defence

Martial arts are just for self defence or are they? Because most modern martial arts started or originated in Asia I am not sure this is true. Jujitsu is based on the principles of integrity, humility, respect, patience, perseverance, and loyalty.

This philosophy is at the centre of the conduct indicative of a committed Jujitsu practitioner.

Jujitsu is much more than an effective method of self defence, it offers many physical and health benefits, and it can help relive the the stresses of modern life.

Its recognised that where stress is concerned, a change is better than a rest and many psychologists are recommending martial arts as an antidote to the problem.

I know when I am practising the  concentration employed while in a Jujitsu class effectively does not allow me to think about anything else except jujitsu . It allows  a complete break from the worries and tensions which gradually sap peoples’ energy and drive.

While the study of chi has been part of Oriental culture for thousands of years, it was unknown in the West until  China opened it s doors  in the 1970s. The word chi is a generic term used  for energy or anything that has the ability to demonstrate power. Electricity is a type of chi. Magnetism is another type of energy that the Orientals would classify as chi. A chemical reaction produced in a chemical test tube would be a type of chi. Still another form of chi would be heat. The list could go on.

The human body requires energy, or chi, to run efficiently. It is this type of chi to which the martial arts are devoted.. They have found that chi development in the body is a highly effective way to improve health and to cure a wide array of illness. More importantly, they found that it could help achieve and maintain a high level of mental calmness or peace. So a student of ju-jitsu can arrive for a class feeling drained after a tough day and leave feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Self discipline, self confidence, self control, respect for others, co-operation, fitness, agility, self defence skills and focus are just some of the benefits and values gained from Jujitsu.

There are visible rewards as well as these intangible benefits for students.
The visible rewards are found in the grading system and include different coloured belts that are symbols of ever increasing proficiency in Jujitsu, the encouragement to continue when things seem difficult and the verbal acknowledgement of goals achieved and awards earned.

Each of these enhances  character and contributes to his/her self worth as well as promoting a sense of responsibility and maturity.


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