Prevention is the best defence

Prevention Is the Best Self-Defense

Remember that prevention is the best self-defense. Most aggressors are looking for vulnerable unaware targets.

  • keep aware of your surroundings,
  • walk and park in well-lit areas,
  • keeping your keys in hand as you approach your door or car,
  • always vary your route and routine if you regularly travel alone and at night.

If you are confronted , if you can defuse a situation by talking someone down and then  get away—by handing over your wallet/purse or whatever they want, do that.

Hand over your money rather than fight, because nothing you own is worth more than your life or health.

If violence is unavoidable,

  • be ready to defend yourself,
  • know ahead of time how to fight back effectively
  1. Get Loud and Push Back

As soon an aggressor touches you  shout as loudly and aggressively as you can, e.g back off, ‘eff’ off or similar and push back at the aggressor.

You are signalling for help and letting an aggressor know you’re not an easy target.

2. Know where to hit and what hurts

There you re being confronted and you only have a few seconds and a few moves to try before the fight may be over.

Before an attacker has gained full control of you, you must do all you can—conserving as much energy as possible—to inflict injury, distract and get away. Don’t mess around. Strikes or Atemi waza in Jujitsu at their most simple level are used to distract, take someone off balance or allow you to escape,  they will be made to the eyes, nose, ears, neck, groin, knee, and legs.

Where you are positioned and an aggressors height and distance will determine your next move. Taking a step back to gain balance and assess can be a good idea. Do not then step in closer, say, to strike the nose with your hand, when you can reach the knee with a kick.

To strike the upper half of the body you will use your hand., gouging eyes and nose for example But remember the elbow is one of the most effective defence weapons you have. The side of the neck is a great target, where both the carotid artery and jugular vein are located. You could possibly temporarily stun your attacker with a n elbow strike that hits the neck.

The knee however is an ideal self-defense target, vulnerable from every angle and easier a low download kick with the side of you foot/or shoe.  A good knee kick is likely to incapacitate your attacker.

Know how to maximise your defence

Use your elbows, knees, and head. these are the hardest boniest parts of the body

Use everyday objects. whether it is a spray, a pen or just some dirt from the ground, you are surrounded by things to use in defensive techniques.

Leverage your weight. No matter your size, weight, or strength in relation to your opponent, you can defend yourself by strategically using your body and the simple law of physics. This is the principle of Jujitsu where a smaller person is able to defeat a larger one.


So you have been grabbed lets say by the wrist by the wrist…Instead of pulling back to try to get out of the hold, squat down into a strong stance, then lean forward and bend your elbow towards him all the way towards his forearm until he can no longer hold onto your wrist.


You tube is full of amazing examples of jujitsu and other martial arts demonstrating how to get out of basic holds and difficult situations,


use it, learn from it and then be ready. Of course real readiness is practicing jujitsu on a regular basis

Get in touch with Sensei Ray and young or old , men or women come down and practice the gentle art of Ju-Jitsu with us in Lewes


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