Real world self defence

Most adults join a martial arts class for two reasons: because they want to get fit, exercise (but not be bored) and because they want real world self defence techniques. Some times it is difficult to see how the “stylized” movements of a centuries-old system could be applicable against a street attack against a knife, baseball bat or violent assailant.  At Bushido Kwai Dojo you will be getting both a traditional martial art and one that is based in getting what you need to survive such an attack.
Bushido Kwai Dojo – Lewes teacher (or Sensei – pronounced Sen-Say) is Ray Twitchen. Besides being a highly qualified Judo, Ju-Jitsu and Kobudo teacher, Ray had the real world experience for many years of being a London Club doorman. He not only understands the techniques but also how they are used in real life, how to calm a situation, how to use everything from balance to everyday objects to your advantage when you need to defend yourself and escape a violent situation.
In all Martial Arts, whether for sport or defence there is a huge difference between knowing how to ‘perform’ a skill – any skill – and being able to apply that skill in a particular context. And self-defense is no exception.

east sussex, real world self defence
east sussex, real world self defence

Bushido Kwai Dojo is not asking you to train in one of the foundation martial arts for purely ascetic reasons. Sensei Ray and everyone at Bushido Kwai Dojo – Lewes want – no, they demand – and rightly so, that the person we place our trust in, not to mention perhaps at some point our lives, knows what he or she is doing.
For Sensei Ray Twitchen teaching self-protection or self defence skills to others is a huge responsibility. Sensei Ray has had years of experience and is renowned and respected but most of all he understands real world self defence.

Come down and try it out Tuesday evening at The Landport `community centre, Lewes, East sussex,



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