Martial Arts is for everyone

Yes it’s for everyone. Business men and women to bus drivers, dog walkers to dentists, people of all ages and from all walks of life. In martial arts there is no discrimination, no prejudice, on the mat we only offer respect to each other.

Ok many people first come into martial arts as children and it can be hard then to shake the idea that Martial arts is just for kids but that build up confidence, balance, fitness and self defence is just as good for adults. As an adult you will find that martial arts like Judo and ju-Jitsu have a lot to offer you.

The first thing is martial arts will help your physical development, but rather than being a workout that only focuses on one aspect of health and the physical it is an holistic approach to well being. Its a complete workout that aerobics or weight lifting just can’t match. Sensei Ray Twitchen can give you instruction that helps you gain balance and flexibility as well as muscle tone. Something that is supremely helpful if your work life is mainly sitting in front of a computer or office work. At Bushido Kwai Dojo you can learn to get in shape and stay there.

self defence for adults in lewes

Martial arts helps you maintain fitness, perhaps you are someone whose weight is up and down through out the year or perhaps has been like that through out your life. A commitment to martial arts will help you maintain your physique. Constant practice and work outs will provide you with knowledge and a routine that will stabilise your weight and increase your fitness. Martial arts is about wellness of mind and of body and you will discover much about yourself as you find yourself working for both at once.

Martial arts will make you more confident when facing the world around you and a good class and teach as at Lewes martial arts – Bushido Kwai Dojo, will push your physical limits and you may find your self capable of more than you ever thought. This confidence combines with a degree of discipline that you need to to stay safe and respectful on the mats, this will be carried through to the rest of your life.

So whether you are looking for more self confidence or more control, more flexibility or strength you will find it at Bushido Kwai Dojo – Lewes. Whether you choose to practise martial arts as a sport like Judo or for self defence like Ju-Jitsu its benefits are substantial, martial arts will strengthen  and improve your physical condition as well as your concentration, attention and confidence for all areas of your life.

call us now and come to an adult class.



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