self-discipline | self-control |self defence and fun.

self-discipline | self-control |self defence and fun.

Our Judo Students have  never had to fend off an attacker, but after more than a year of Judo classes, most feel confident they could if need be if need be.

“It helps you feel better about yourself …and also helps you concentrate better,” says one of the girls

When our students are  are not learning throwing, grappling and striking techniques, they may be found practicing drama, music and singing which helps prove instructor Ray Twitchen’ assertion that anyone can learn judo, despite their age, body build or other interests.

“You don’t need to come in with any sort of skill set,” Ray says. “The first thing we do is learn how to fall, so we know how to get up again. I’ve had a lot of people say they can’t do a break fall, but I say there’s no such thing as ‘can’t’ on the mat.”

Ray has been involved in judo since the 1960s and bring an amazing wealth of experience to Lewes Judo

“I couldn’t tell you how many people I’ve taught over the years, but I know I have developed a lot of black belts. And considering that far less than 1 percent of people who start become a black belt, I’m extremely proud of that,”

While judo is a natural form of self-defense, Bushido Kwai – Lewes Judo doesn’t stress that in class. Designed for ages 5 to adult, classes start by teaching basic skills and working up to learning specific applications and techniques and uses a lot of fun along the way.

Its a way to get fit and a way to stay fit, gain confidence and develop self-discipline, concentration and coordination.

However, Ray also teaches traditional Ju-jitsu and Lewes Judo is looking for another space or hall to reach out to more people in the community.

“I think we can find an audience for it. I think it’s definitely necessary,”  people want something that s self defence focussed . “Look at the news almost every night. People are getting attacked every day.  So whilst both Judo and ju-jitsu are useful to defend yourself it’s good for people’s self-awareness and self confidence.”

The classes are ongoing to help participants become skilled at the moves. There are some things people learn at one-time self-defense classes that build a false confidence, like kicking an attacker in the groin. I’m not being facetious when I say that’s a small target, and guys are really protective of it. It’s not easy to kick someone in the groin. Now, kicking them in the knee is different and much easier to do,”  “Take the knee out and get the hell out of there.”

In the judo class last Tuesday, kids were learning how to relax when they fall, and breaking their fall, so they don’t get hurt and can get up again “It’s retraining the brain a little bit and then practicing,” said Jonathan who brings his daughter to the classes. “It takes thousands of repetitions to get that neuromuscular response.” Jonathan said and  I wanted to have her involved in something that will teach self-discipline and self-control. as well as self defence.”

The class also has an element of fun. When asked the kids from the junior class say  “I just enjoy everything about it,”  “I’ve never had to use it as self-defense, but it’s a nice thing to know just in case.”

Weekly one-hour judo classes are £3.50 per week for ages 5 to 14, while 90-minute classes for ages 14 and up are £7.50 per week. Every tuesday with juniors starting at 5.30 and Seniors at 7.00pm.

For more information or to sign up for any of the classes, call Ray  or visit us on Facebook at


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