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We are moving to Lewes New School

WE ARE MOVING TO LEWES NEW SCHOOL. BN7 2DS From the 4th September we will be based in a much better equipped hall in the Lewes new school. Same time from 5.30pm every Tuesday Warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer with better light and a great ante/changing room and with a softer floor … Continue reading We are moving to Lewes New School


self-discipline | self-control |self defence and fun.

self-discipline | self-control |self defence and fun. Our Judo Students have  never had to fend off an attacker, but after more than a year of Judo classes, most feel confident they could if need be if need be. “It helps you feel better about yourself ...and also helps you concentrate better,” says one of the … Continue reading self-discipline | self-control |self defence and fun.

Bushido Kwai Dojo – Lewes judo is a BJC club

Our club is affiliated to the British judo council or BJC, the BJC is itself affiliated to British Judo. We welcome all levels of Judo Students (Judoka) to our club, whatever their affiliations.  We particularly like to welcome beginners of all ages to set them on the path of fun, fitness, flexibility and demonstrate they can … Continue reading Bushido Kwai Dojo – Lewes judo is a BJC club

The Benefits of Judo

It is not a coincidence that judo is becoming seen by many parents and carers as part of a childs education. Clearly, it is a sport which can bring so many positive things to a child's life and the life of children in general creating a space that makes for better mental as well as physical health. … Continue reading The Benefits of Judo

Sensei Robin Brandon Joins the club

Lewes judo

Sensei Robin started judo back in the 1960s at the age of 14 at The Hut Dojo in Hillingdon Middx. where he was initially taught by Ken Williams 3rd Dan. As his judo career progressed he was then coached by Kenshiro Abbe 8th Dan. At the age of 16 he attended Grange Farm [ the British … Continue reading Sensei Robin Brandon Joins the club

Give Martial Arts a Try – get fit, reduce stress

Martial arts can help you defend and protect yourself, but there are a number of health and fitness benefits associated with them as well, especially with Judo, Ju Jitsu and the movement needed for Kobudo Health Benefits of Martial Arts Martial arts offer a number of physical and mental health benefits: Conditioning. if you want to tone … Continue reading Give Martial Arts a Try – get fit, reduce stress


What is KyuShinDo ? And more precisely what it isn't from an essay and idea by Henry Ellis Kenshiro Abe (or Abbe) Sensei 1915 - 1985 created this idea from spiritual principles of his native Japan Kyu = Desire ・Yearn ・Sphere ・Circle ・Search ・Study. Shin = Heart ・New ・Spirit ・True ・To be true to ones self. … Continue reading KYU SHIN DO

Do you want to get fit, lose weight and learn self defence?

After all those bulging presents round the tree, are you are feeling that maybe there is a bit round the waistline too? Perhaps you have attended lots of fitness classes in the past and even joined a gym. Like everything, the novelty eventually wears off. Adult classes at Bushido Kwai Dojo - Lewes with Sensei Ray, … Continue reading Do you want to get fit, lose weight and learn self defence?