Sometimes, you find yourself caught by surprise and off-balance, if an opponent or attacker is quick and powerful . Even those situations can be turned to your advantage.

Sacrifice throws (sutemi-waza) involve sacrificing your balance so that you can throw the attacker. Some are quite weak, such as uki-waza (floating technique), while others such as tomoe-nage (circle throw) can be very powerful.

Yoko-guruma (side wheel)
Yoko-wakare (side separation)
Soto-maki-komi (outer winding throw)
Sumi-gaeshi (corner throw)
Tawara-gaeshi (rice-bale throw)
Tomoe-nage (circle throw)
Uki-waza (floating technique)
Ura-nage (backwards throw)
Yoko-gake (side prop)
Maki-komi (winding throw)
Ko-uchi-maki-komi (minor inner winding throw)
Kani-basami (crab scissors)

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Nage no kata (the kata of throws) 
Sacrifice throws
Throw counters
Winding throws