Depending on whether you’re using it to defend yourself or using it to attack, a foot-long wooden stick is either a baton or a club in Ju-jitsu.

The club 
The club can be used backhanded or forehanded, overhead and to the side, and you can defend yourself against it with armlocks, wristlocks and many different throws.

Although most armed attacks don’t involve a foot-long wooden stick, you can use the same techniques you learn against a cosh to defend yourself against other blunt weapons, such as broken pool cues,

The baton
The baton we can learn to  learn to use as an offensive weapon. Not to attack people, only to parry and defend against armed and unarmed attackers. So you may think you can only use it for hitting but actually in can assist in locks, blocks and strangles.

Again, like the club, the baton can be improvised from many everyday objects.

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