You may have questions about Martial Arts and the benefits of Judo,  Ju-Jitsu or Kobudo training with Bushido Kwai Dojo – Lewes

Will it keep me physically fit
Like all martial arts practise is good exercise and improves your flexibility, strength and stamina.

Will it help me defend myself 
With long term practice, both Judo & Ju-Jitsu is a renowned  and effective form of self-defence and will teach you to recognise and avoid dangerous situations

What about  the psychological benefits of Martial arts
Learning Self defence through Ju-Jitsu gives you greater confidence

Will I enjoy it?
It’s good fun, You’ll make friends and feel the benefits.

Please note all our trainers are DBS checked.

However, you might have some other worries or questions about Judo, Ju-Jitsu or Koaudo, with Bushido Kwai Dojo – Lewes so please  see our FAQ page here